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Online Casino Promotions

Online Casino Promotions add another dimension to the fun and entertainment in online gaming. Online Casino’s get really creative and interactive in their promotional casino entertainment offerings. You may have heard the terms “lucky draw”, “highest wagering contest” and “live multiplayer slots tournaments” to name a few. Various aspects of these and other offers are often tied around a central theme and traditionally have huge prizes ranging from big cash payouts to cars and luxury cruises. It’s casino entertainment at its best; it’s no longer a mere play slots promo.

Some great promos and competitions to look out for at an online casino include:

  • Lucky Draw: Lucky draws are online casino promotions that casinos offer to players who by “opting into” the promotion have a random chance of being selected as a winner during a specified period. For example a casino may ask you to play slots or even select a specific casino game like the great galaxy grab, and ask players to opt into the promotion and then wager any amount on that specific game to be entered into a lucky draw with a specific prize pool. Winners are then usually displayed on casino winner’s walls and notified via email.
  • Highest wagering contest: Highest wagering contest post the challenge to players to be the person to wager the most during a specific duration or on a specific game. If you play slots a lot you will love this one as your odds are great! Players that manage to out wager all others will win specific amounts or may also be entered into further lucky draws for a shot at the prize pool. Often though VIP players are removed from the promotion and given their own high wagering contest. This gives “smaller” players a chance to win big at online casino promotions.
  • Live Multiplayer slots tournaments: Live multiplayer slots tournaments are the most exhilarating multiplayer casino entertainment experience available. In online casino promotions like this you will be pitted against competitors who play in real time against each other for a share of the big winnings. Watch your position change on the “leaderboard” and make sure you finish on number 1! If you love to play slots you will love multiplayer slots tournaments. For more detail on live multiplayer slots tournaments visit our Multiplayer slots page!
  • Treasure Hunt: Casinos may ask you to play a bit of hide and seek. Hidden images on websites or emails can be hunted for. Be the first to find the hidden object and claim your prize.
  • Photo or comment contest: Send in your photos and if yours is chosen as the best according to the specified criteria you can win big. This brings much interactivity to casino entertainment and offers a break from the usual play slots routine. There are also ways to win by leaving your comments on a particular topic on a comment wall or send them through by email. Best comments win! Remember to check out social media as well, often casinos run great competitions like this on Facebook where all you need to do is comment etc.
  • If you love online casino promotions then be sure to visit the latest casino promotions and promotions from the past pages! Some great examples are available to show you just what a great online casino promotion and classic casino entertainment is all about. You could be in for a treat if you act fast!